Another #truestory I would like to share with you: His appearance already raise…


Another #truestory I would like to share with you:
His appearance already raised my attention a few streets ago, when I saw him and his big bag for the first time. He didn’t seem grumpy or disappointed from life like people usually tend to interpret. He was different.

The carnival was over and you could feel, that people took a well deserved break. There were just a few shops open in the street but the cafes were almost full with locals enjoying the calmer times to come while guests slowly started departing for their hometowns. I liked this time, when Rio shortly had to catch it’s breath before it returns to it’s usual passionate and noisy lifestyle.
As we walked along, I noticed many beggars following their daily routine but one of them caught my attention straight away. As we got closer, he kept eyecontact for several seconds without watching my clothes or mimicking a need for money or food. He just looked. He had a stick in his right hand as a walking aid and had no shirt on. The white plastic bag over his shoulder and his backpack seemed heavy and slowed him down.
While we passed him, I felt a warm and friendly heartbeat behind his eyes. I was curious but did not want to be impolite by just looking back over my shoulder before carrying on. So, subconsciously, I turned around and faced him with a small but honest smile.
He had already stopped in his current step and turned towards me. For a short eternity we explored our visual connection. I remember not having the urge to look at every detail of him as his face and his eyes already told the biggest story.
Feeling somewhat familiar made me lift my camera, but as soon as he noticed, he broke eyecontact to move on. I froze and felt bad before he suddenly stopped and stayed.
He seemed to think a few seconds and without further notice, he got back into his exact former position. He looked at me very closely and I could sense a minimal nod of his head.
Before I thanked him and moved out of the way, I carefully took this photo.

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