During a casual walk in Parque Lage, I noticed a b…

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-08-17 15:40:08

During a casual walk in Parque Lage, I noticed a black man abruptly moving back and forth on a bench.

He seemed to be very massive and wore quite nice clothes on this sunday afternoon.
As I paused walking in a fair distance behind him, I couldn’t see exactly, what was moving him but thought, that he may not feel too well as his restless behaviour continued.
Suddenly he stood up and touched his forehead in a desparate manner with his right hand before he quickly sat down again and started to move anxiously on the bench as before. I could hear him mourning or swearing something as I tried to approach him slowly.
Again, suddenly and just once, he quickly turned his head to the side and looked at me with his eyes closed and his face deeply marked with pain. Because he did not open his eyes, he wasn’t aware of me and with a dramatic expression he turned his head back to its former position.
Worried and wanting to help him, I walked faster towards him – just until I heard familiar cheering noises of a sports game, which were emerging from a small radio in his hands I recognized shortly after.
As the cheering grew louder followed by two long whistles, his head sank down and I took this photo.
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