Faces full of disappointment observed her as she t…

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-10-19 07:05:43

Faces full of disappointment observed her as she tied up the last boat.

The boatwomen of Tam Coc still face a major challenge earning enough money during the rainy season navigating their wooden vehicle full of foreigners over the proud river.
Although the tourism increased over the past years, the people in the district are still relatively poor, so it has been a long time, since the earnings of the familyfathers sufficed. Over decades it became something like a tradition, that mostly girls are given the boat of their mother as they become a young adult. Then it is their responsibility to earn that extra money to support their grandparents and family.
On this particularly thursday the rainy season decided to show its most genuine behavior. The big buses, which the boatwomen awaited, weren’t there and as the sun started to set behind the thick grey curtain, all boats where tied together on the pier.

As she slowly clambered back through the maze, many eyes looked back like me to watch her and I took this photo.

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