„Good evening, Mister Freeman!“ I said surprised „What are you doing here?“ The …

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-09-14 14:30:44

„Good evening, Mister Freeman!“
I said surprised „What are you doing here?“ The oasis of Huacachina laid in a cozy evening light in the distance below us. For the first time, I could cleary see the lake-centered village surrounded by huge sanddunes of the enclosing desert creating the typical picture of a beautiful oasis.
After we had passed the last houses of the single street in our barely equipped dune buggy about half an hour earlier, our wild rollercoaster ride through the unforgiving sand began concerningly steep uphill. Countless ups, downs, thrilling curves later being careful not to fall out of the missing doors, the driver eventually stopped close to another buggy.
Astonished by the abilities of our driver, I jumped into the sand. All the passengers seemed to have lost orientation during the ride as they stumbled out of the vehicle gazing around and looking for something familiar in this neverending environment. Happy to see other people, everybody climbed through the sand and up the hill to be amazed by the view and reflect the adventurous journey we just survived.

As I looked at the driver waiting inside the other buggy, I was fascinated by his surprisingly familiar appearance. So I greeted him and asked to take this photo.

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