His father realized forthwith, that something was wrong. He did not have to look…


His father realized forthwith, that something was wrong. He did not have to look around for long to see, what was scaring his son in this #truestory and smiled.

Life happened again to teach me the next lesson of #whatkeepstheworldrunning in its usual subtle manner. It was already getting dark as we roamed around the Old Quarter looking for a place to have dinner. Although we already spent a few days in the country, we were still a little overwhelmed by the local traffic rules and always crossed the streets very carefully. At this busy intersection, where two main roads pump the Hanoians in and out of the center like veins we waited for a long time until we decided that it would be safe to cross now. One particular motorcyclists noticed our intention and while his son in front of him was almost sleeping anyways, he stopped to wait for us to pass by.

Yet, as we virtually reached their position, the small man opened his eyes to aghastly gaze at the nightmare he must have thought to be in opening his mouth ready to cry. At first I wasn’t sure, why his mood instantly changed to that frightened state with watery, fearful eyes, so I looked closer at my accompaniment. Quickly, his father and I understood, that his boy just saw blonde hair for the first time in his little life and those two blonde girls right in front of him caused a little, but understandable shock. His father smiled, kissed his offsprings head to comfort and calm him and while I learned that loving protection is another thing what keeps the world running, I took this photo.

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