His glittering eyes looked at me full of a childs curiosity for the simple thing…


His glittering eyes looked at me full of a childs curiosity for the simple things in life. What keeps the world running in this #truestory ?

While I already lost track of which festival the lovely people of Ubud were celebrating on that day, I made my way through the traditionally white dressed crowds towards a small temple in the suburbs while munching my favorite chocolate bar.

When I arrived, a small boy was already waiting at the gate and started observing me as I got closer. When I entered, I felt his eyes scanning my face and believed that he was really interested in the hair spreading over my chin and cheeks. Soon I looked back at him and noticed, that he had followed me and was still staring at me as if I was the first (bearded) foreigner he had ever seen.
After the temple was filled with believers, I followed the ceremony for some time before I quietly walked around to watch the sacred procedure. It didn’t take long until the same excited looks of the young observer met me again. Even between the prayers he dared to secretly open his eyes to look straight towards me through a gate on the side. I smiled and carefully pointed at my beard.

Just then his amazed focus quickly changed and jumped on my shirts pocket, where I stored my chocolate leftovers.
I understood that curiosity is also something #whatkeepstheworldrunning and was happy to take this photo.

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