His lovable and self-assured smile faded away and was immediately conquered by p…


His lovable and self-assured smile faded away and was immediately conquered by panic, aversion and horror. What happened?

The simple things in life write my favorite episodes of the #truestory and often kids are the ones who catalyse your perspective:

This day has been a boys dream: since the early afternoon we played hide & seek, throwing stones at targets, pushed the girls into the meadow and raced crappy bicycles down the hill before we took a well-deserved break at the village gate with our mouths full of chocolate and satisfaction.
I was happy to show my adulthood the middlefinger again and they were glad to have something like a big brother to upgrade their baloney.
The province of Rattanak Kiri also provided an unique playground hosting desertlike areas as well as thick jungle. Not only once, we entered different worlds and roles this day. Also, there was no need to speak the same language because I remembered from my distant past, that rules and borders don’t exist in those games.
Just as I opened the next chocolate bar, we all heard someone yelling in the village. As usual, I didn’t understand and care much, but the boy’s munching ceased and I had a quick glance into eyes full of terror before they abruptly stood up and ran away as fast as they could. Worried, I tried to follow them but lost them between the narrow built, wooden houses. I looked around but only found their mothers preparing tubs next to the watering place.
I had to laugh very hard when I understood, that these women again called their sprouts to bathe and thoroughly clean them. Of course, there wasn’t any trace of my fellows.

Grinning, I walk through the small village as a stone hit my ankle. I looked around and saw Aung carefully but very crotchety looking out of a window from the community hall. I remembered some of my biggest fears during childhood and just before he took cover of his mothers eyes again, I took this photo.

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