I revved the motor. The engine screamed as I tried to get my damn bike out of a …


I revved the motor. The engine screamed as I tried to get my damn bike out of a knee-deep puddle.

It was already during the early afternoon, when this #truestory happened: With a lot of effort I had been driving through forbidden districts and thick jungle roads in order to reach a remote village, where I wanted to visit a settlement of the Padaung tribe. It involved days of research and conversations with locals in many villages beforehand until I eventually found an old farmer, who could tell me an area, where he suspected a village. He didn’t know for sure, so after a certain waypoint I was on my own again.
Water splashed from everywhere and the wheel started spinning around before the engine collapsed. I wasn’t surprised why, as I angrily looked at my soaked pants and shoes. Soon, anxiety set in when I realized, that I still had no clue about the correct location of the village and would need enough sunlight to go back to town again. Time was running out so I needed to get moving as soon as possible to make it.
The motor blubbered a few times before it finally started again after I had lifted the exhaust above water. I forced the engine to its max before I kicked in a gear and pushed. The machine slowly dived under water but eventually forced its way through with the tire spraying all available smut over me.
I sat down. Exhausted I cleaned my sunglasses. I held them up against the sky to check their cleanliness and noticed smoke in some distance. Excited I got up and rode off.

Behind a small hill, I quickly found a single, wooden, old shack with fume coming out. It wasn’t the village I was looking for, but I decided to have a look anyways and maybe dry my clothes a little bit, if the owner would let me. As soon as I switched off the motor, somebody opened the door and as I got closer, I was totally perplexed to find one of the tribal woman right in front of me.

When she saw me, she started to laugh very loud. Confused, I looked at me just to understand, that I was still completely covered with mud from hair to toe. I started to laugh as well before I kindly asked to take this photo.

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