Mesmerized we observed ollies, flips and jumps of …

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-08-10 12:37:16

Mesmerized we observed ollies, flips and jumps of the iconic wheeled piece of wood and their riders.

A group of skaters had started to practice their skills next to our green spot in Sydneys concrete labyrinth on a lazy sunday afternoon.
While everyone tried to outstand their predecessor with a more complicated trick, an instant and loud feedback of the fanatic crowd judged the performance.
As the pressure developed stronger, I noticed a fairly unremarkable guy, who didn’t participate. Full of concentration, he stared at his skateboard for a long time, before he suddenly grabbed it and queued up.

As it was his turn, the cheering and shouts ran dry. He took a deep breath, started running and right after he jumped on his board he took off, performed several spins and quickly grabbed his deck.
The skater crowd stood up and bursted into cheers when he landed again and successfully found his balance.
Seemingly surprised by himself he looked back at his new acquired fanclub and I could see his veines still pulsating heavily. Just before the wheels stopped moving, he turned towards me and I took this photo.
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