Scared, that somebody could notice my camera, I an…

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-08-03 12:35:48

Scared, that somebody could notice my camera, I anxiously tried to control my pulse hidden behind a pair of sunglasses and a surgeons mask.

Arequipa sunk in chaos.
Being the focal point of a major strike against a soon to be launched mining project in the region, the local farmers feared that a possible pollution would seriously endanger their agricultural existences. As they started to raise their voices against the pro-mining government, soon many aggressive, anti-govermental protestants joined in to push everybody into their hateful perspective on the political situation.
On my way through this enormous streetfight between the shouting choir and the resistant uniforms with stones and teargas containers soaring above my head, I learned, that foreigners are prohibited to participate in these semi-legal demonstrations, which often result in very violent encounters and as manipulated photos of protesters appeared, camera users will be caught and treated like mining supporters.
Being everybodys enemy, I tried to act as local as i could and secretly stumbled into the worlds of the participating forces – wanting to find a genuine perspective.
Still controlling my pulse, I observed the process of establishing a blockade against the 4th major rush of the helmets during the early afternoon.
Surrounded by human brick transport-chains, I was unable to lift my doomed device on proper eye-level. So I slowly crouched down on one of the last stone-covered islands in the intersection and took this photo.
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