Something crunched under my left shoe. I was very …

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2015-10-05 16:25:11

Something crunched under my left shoe. I was very surprised to find the relicts of a whole peanut below it and looked around for its origin.

Although peanuts are very common on Lombok, it is quite unusual to find single ones laying on the street. Because peanuts grow tightly together on roots under the surface and are tied together for transport, so if lost they usually are to be found tied up.
I was startled as I found another one soon. And two more just some meters later. It looked like somebody prepared a peanut trail along the road, so I started collecting them in my pocket and followed the path through the hilly village.

Then after a few curves, I saw the cause: An old looking farmer was carrying two big buds of peanuts on his yoke, which seemed to be quite heavy because every few steps he had to put the pole down to switch the carrying shoulder. But then, everytime he continued his journey and lifted the yoke back up, he would leave some peanuts behind.

As I catched up with him, I quickly collected the last ones and after gesticulating his mysterious loss, I asked him to take this photo.

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