Tane Su grinned at me. I grinned back but I knew, that we will never meet again….

by I AM JOHANNES @ 2016-01-26 17:54:54

Tane Su grinned at me. I grinned back but I knew, that we will never meet again.

Away from the beaten path living the simple life, where a phone still remains something special and even the logo of your beloved Facebook let people just shrug unexcitedly, I experienced this #truestory :

When I first met her at the monastery where she was offering fruits and vegetables along with her family, I realized her photogeneity at once: her face was even and symmetrical with strong but caring eyes. It wasn’t only her traditional headdress but also her light and smooth skin that created a heroic and somewhat royal appearance. But when I walked past her, I felt a charming innocence in the way she moved and looked at things.After she shyly returned my smile, her father gave her a look that demanded her to follow the ceremony which she rather annoyed paid attention on again.

Ideas started rushing through my head and I saw photographs right in front of me, in which she would inspire every beholders heart immediately. It wasn’t necessary to direct a scenario around her to do so as everything was right in front of me.Unrestrained by my assumption, that she won’t understand a single word of mine and probably would be too shy or restricted by her tribes laws to interact with me any further, I decided to take my chance. Silently, I left the ceremony and got outside to the big, oval window she was sitting at and quickend by all the good old movies, I threw tiny rocks against the wooden frame until she slowly turned around halfway. I grinned at her and was happy, when her face cheered up as well. With another pantomimic performance, I tried to tell her, that I want to take a few photos with her. She did not seem to be interested as she turned around again, but apparently only to make sure that her dad was still occupied and to my surprise turned to me again and nodded.

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