There I was – standing in front of a giant ocean on the coast of a continent loo…


There I was – standing in front of a giant ocean on the coast of a continent looking at the edge of the world.

I had absolutely nothing to worry about as I watched some mini waves go by reflecting the soon to be setting sun. Smiling like a retarded and armed justwith a fishing pole, my camera and some bait, I was standing knee deep in the comfortably warm water waiting for absolutely nothing to happen.
The mighty Indian Ocean in front of me agreed gracefully and soon I was deeply relaxed as I watched the sunset.
I must have entered some kind of meditation with the tiny waves repetitively bouncing on my legs and my eyes embracing nothing but the two giant colors in front of me. Even when I closed them, I could feel the mesmerizing blue and the overwhelming orange everywhere around me.
Of course I wouldn’t catch something, but I did not waste a single thought on that fact.

As I was almost bursting of positiveness, I heard my friend Joel stumbling through the water. I looked over and saw him rewinding his hook as my fishing pole started to vibrate too. Excited I tried to rewind mine as quickly as possible.
Just before we started to laugh heavily because we realized that we catched only each others wires, I took this photo.

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