What keeps the world running? My body was begging for a cool, refreshing breeze…


What keeps the world running?

My body was begging for a cool, refreshing breeze. Sweat was flowing and we watched those, who still had enough energy to wave the thick and cooking air around.

The river was gone since a few weeks and the unforgiving fireball in the sky eliminated any cool air immediately. The city of Xishuangbanna in the border highlands is situated inside a valley with some mountains around which successfully block the winds from reaching civilization.
A thermometer on the wall already had reached 39 degrees celsius and every seat in the waiting room was taken. I wanted to ask the boy next to me if he knew what a sauna is but I rather decided not to move at all. Meanwhile, my friend overheard some elderly women discuss this day as just the beginning of a long and hot season and that they fear to lose their agricultural produce of the last months.
I thought of the endless oceans and waterfalls I had seen to find some peace as I watched the guy next to the door staring at his empty computer screen. Everybody had to wait. And everybody watched each others sweat pouring down like the waterfalls I had just imagined.

We clearly heard the scream. It was a short males voice and just one word which I didn’t understand the meaning of but suddenly everybody looked straight towards the ceiling.
My friend translated ‚electricity!‘ as I raised my head as well to greet our new hero: a big ventilator which slowly had awakened to end our suffering. ‚What keeps the world running?‘ I said to myself and took this photo. #qualitycontent #everymonday #authenticityisthenewshit #whatkeepstheworldrunning #truestory #iamjohannes



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