Zign #WearShoes Fight Night – Directors Cut

Kemmler Kemmler / David Schlange / I AM JOHANNES
Highsnobiety Article:
„The Highsnobiety exclusive release of the new video for Zign‘s #WEARSHOES campaign celebrates the chivalrous competition that prevails within the ropes of the boxing ring. Creative agency Kemmler Kemmler developed the pugnacious campaign and shot the promotional film with the help of art director I AM JOHANNES. After a quick montage of the inevitable pre-match prep, two exceedingly well-shod pugilists take the canvas to trade flurries and jabs. In a style reminiscent of Raging Bull, stark black & white underlies a quick-edit technique that accentuates the tribal qualities of the sport; an effect further enhanced by the pumping score from American DJ Lorn. The overall effect inspires the spectator and reinforces a will to compete.
That competitive spirit has always translated well to the world of fashion. In the current environment of leisurewear, #WEARSHOES sounds a battle cry that delights in the feistiness of going up against a perceived Goliath: The near universal fixation on comfort over form. Under the tagline “The serious outfit begins with shoes and ends with shoes,” the brand presents a line of leather footwear with which they plan to retake the streets. While we don’t expect to trade in our sneaks anytime soon, the line has the flair necessary to coexist alongside them and even compliment certain outfits better. The sheen and cut on these shoes guarantee that they won’t go unnoticed.

Check out the beautifully shot campaign images above and watch the “Fight Night” video below. If you like what you see, shop the men’s collection here and the women’s collection here.“


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