BPM – Bottles per Minute
Art project by I AM JOHANNES @ FHP 2015 with Prof. Boris Müller

During the class “procedural portraits” I created a portrait of three human beings just by collecting their data. As I wanted to challenge myself, I searched for my citys bottle collectors to extend my cosmos. The first challenge was to gain their trust and respect towards me, because two of the three i found in the end were homeless and poor. So I started helping them for about two months and climbed with them through trash bins and collected valuable bottles for them to return them into cash to live for the next days. That was a very strange and challenging experience containing violence, fear, drugs, companionship below the surface and even death. After a while, when I felt that they trusted me, I asked them for their secret routes and places, where they usually find the highest amounts of bottles. They keep these paths very secret and usually won’t tell anyone, because for most of them it’s a safe way to earn money. After I could accompany them on their private routes, I was able to collect my data as of location, time, amount and money. I translated this data into graphical representations of their routes, where the viewer can see, when and where what amount of bottles was collected or sold. To make my final visualization much more personal I recorded their very own technique, when picking up bottles, emptying and storing them with tiny LED’s on each of their fingers.

After that, I combined all my data into three three-dimensional sculptures, that represent each one of the bottle collectors I met.


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