In our short-term project „FACE:INVADER“, we tried to bridge two unknown cities, lives and humans. So first, we decided to engage ourselves with the lifestyle, characteristics and emotions concerning places, times and situations of the other in order to establish a strong, oceansurpassing connection between us. Our final idea was then to somehow granting a sort of physically access to our lives, that we are experiencing everyday. To do that, we created paper masks of our corresponding faces, which we carried with us from now on and taking a photo with it every time, place or situation, which we felt, describes our lives and cities. By taking photos of such private things in our closer environment but with a foreign human accompanying us makes visualizing this topic very interesting and finally really connecting. This photo series, were we are portraying someone of a different timezone, location and character in our own and intimate spaces, clearly founds a strong connection between us – New York and Berlin – Kate and Johannes.
„FACE:INVADER“ is a result of two cooperating students from New York Parsons The New School for Design and Berlin University of the Arts in April-July 2012.

Entstanden an der UdK Berlin & New York Parsons The New School for Design, Studiengang Visual-Design
Im Kurs »Advanced New Media Class« bei Prof. Joachim SauterProf. Jussi Ängeslevä
Sommersemester 2012

// Gemeinsames Projekt mit KATE STONE Close

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