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Buildings are commonly declared as memorials without any meaning of personal and individual matters. And because people can’t identify themselves or build up a connection with them, they won’t remember any of them. This clearly causes the purpose of a memorial to fail. But people’s desire to remember individual and personal things is growing, when everybody’s memories are vanishing in the flood of the digital reality and a loss of analogue personality occurs.
In order to give that desire a lasting satisfaction, i created ME:MORIAL. This project shall create remembrance. Remembrance of personally important things between you and me that doesn’t care about governmental or communital restrictions.
With ME:MORIAL you can transform every object into a representation of your most personal memories, stories, emotions or relationships that will last forever.
By submitting a ME:MORIAL application-profile with your story, you have the opportunity to generate and receive your individual, location-based ME:MORIAL enamel sign, which you can mount to your specified and legal place and this way, create your own, very personal memorial to be remembered in the future.

Entstanden an der UdK Berlin, Studiengang Visual-Design
Im Kurs »Advanced New Media Class« bei Prof. Joachim Sauter & Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä
Sommersemester 2012

// exhibited at UdK Berlin, Campus Party Tempelhof Berlin & New York Parsons The New School for Design


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