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blips on keinemusik


A blip is a very short composition of intense moments in order to create a certain mood and emotion for the viewer. I conceived this blips as a certain kind of image representation for the keinemusik label, that is based Berlin, during the winter semester 2012/2013 in the AUDIO//:VISION class with Sebastian Purfürst at the btk. My intention while filming the footage and authoring these, was to let the audience dive into the world of keinemusik, the artists and their creations to emphasize the different styles of the creatives.


This video features: with its artists:


&ME [ //]

Rampa [ //]

David Mayer [ //]

Adam Port [ //]

Reznik [ //]

Monja Gentschow [ //]

music & Art (in order of appearance):

NR& (Nomi, Rampa, &ME) – Broken Toy [ //]

Paintings by Monja Gentschow []

&ME – Everless [ //]

Rampa & Hollis P Monroe – Look Out feat. Overnite [ //]

David Mayer – Celsius [ //]

Adam Port – Drums on Parade [ //]

Reznik – extract of Keinemusik Radio Show by Reznik 04.01.2013 []

concept, camera, animation, cut & editing:

btk 2012/2013

this was not intended to injure copyrights, so get a life.


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